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U-Shin Ltd.

U-Shin is currently employing Altair Click2Cast to perform testing and optimization to create sound, redesigned automotive parts.U-Shin has seen significant time and cost savings by utilizing Altair Click2Cast.

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Discover the NEW features of Click2Cast 4.1

This webinar will highlight and feature: Adding/removing/modifying a material using the New Material Editor. Adding a coating to a mold and setting up the parameters. Predicting micro porosity using the NIYAMA criterion.

Webinar Recordings

The Complete Design for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Toolchain - Webinar

To successfully take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, a new design and simulation process must be used. It is not beneficial to simply ‘print’ a current design. New tools and advanced computational power have enabled users to optimize solid geometries for stiffness and weight, and also allowed them to simulate loading conditions and lightweight designs. These new computational tools also give users the opportunity to test how a design will perform under real-world conditions.

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Woodland/Alloy Casting Inc.

Woodland/Alloy Casting is simulating and testing aluminum casting projects in Altair Click2Cast. By running simulations in Altair Click2Cast, Woodland/Alloy Casting can more accurately predict defect-free castings, while reducing time and cost in the overall casting process.

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Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation

Wisconsin Precision Casting Corporation, an investment casting manufacturer utilized Altair Inspire and Altair Click2Cast for a design study that focused on the redesign of a regenerative turbine pump cover.

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Click2Cast Gravity Casting Model

Downloadable gravity casting model for Click2Cast

Demo Models

Click2Cast High Pressure Die Casting Component Model

Downloadable high pressure die casting component model for Click2Cast

Demo Models

Click2Cast Brake Caliper Model

Downloadable brake caliper model for Click2Cast

Demo Models

Click2Cast Faucet Model

Downloadable faucet model for Click2Cast

Demo Models

Click2Cast Cast Iron Block Model

Downloadable cast iron block model for Click2Cast

Demo Models
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